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Pacific Rehabilitation & Pain



Our practice philosophy is to blend evidence-based medicine, innovative treatment, and compassion to meet each patient's individual goals. We strive to alleviate pain and maximize functional potential to allow patients to get back to their active lifestyles. 

We understand that chronic pain is not only a physical issue but an emotional one as well. Our goal is to create a patient-centered, multidisciplinary treatment plan unique to each individual’s needs. 

Pacific Rehabilitation & Pain believes in empowering you, the patient, to take control of your pain. We understand the importance of educating our patients on their conditions so that they have the tools to maintain the highest quality of life while avoiding future injuries.

Our Physicians

Dr. Salar Deldar


Dr. Gloria Hwang

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Dr. Reb Close

Grover_Casey 2.jpg

Dr. Casey Grover


Medical Services

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Regenerative & Restorative Medicine

Rejuvenate & repair your joints and tendons naturally to resume your active lifestyle with non-invasive outpatient injection therapies.

Our Location


Contact Us

Pacific Rehabilitation & Pain

1010 Cass St, Suite D3

Monterey, CA 93940

Tel: 831-275-4050 \\ Fax: 831-275-4055

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